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The Rescued Film Project Interest Story

February 28th, 2015


What is The Rescued Film Project?

The Rescued Film Project is an online archive gallery of images that were captured on film between the 1930’s and late 1990’s.  Each image in our archive was rescued from found film from locations all over the world, and came to us in the form of undeveloped rolls of film.  We have the capability to process film from all era’s.  Even film that has been degraded by heat, moisture, and age.  Or is no longer manufactured.

Why do we rescue film?

Every image in The Rescued Film Project at some point, was special for someone.  Each frame captured, reflects a moment that was intended to be remembered.  The picture was taken, the roll was finished, wound up, and for reasons we can only speculate, was never developed.  These moments never made it into photo albums, or framed neatly on walls.  We believe that these images deserve to be seen, so that the photographer’s personal experiences can be shared.  Forever marking their existence in history.

Film is an organic material that degrades over time.  We are committed to rescuing as many images as possible, before they’re all gone.

We Need Your Help.

Found film?  CONTRIBUTE it to The Rescued Film Project for free processing and archiving.  Expired film developing or old film developing.

Do you recognize someone in the project?  Please let us know so we can reconnect them with their lost, but not forgotten images.

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February 18th, 2015


Note: the list of major changes is described on Piwigo 2.7.0 release notes. This page only describes what changes between release 2.7.3 and release 2.7.4.

Bugs Fixed

  • 0003203: [users & groups] [user manager] on Internet Explorer, tab link returns to home page
  • 0003179: [display] Photo page buttons do not work in Chrome Safari but ok in Mozilla also IE
  • 0003190: [metadata] Datetime picker, can’t change year on Chrome & IE11
  • 0003188: [other] history search, trailing space in dates
  • 0003198: [other] Take a Tour is broken with Internet Explorer
  • 0002943: [metadata] Trigger for element without EXIF metadata
  • SQL injection CVE-2015-1517 reported by Schleier, Sven (KPMG Management Consulting Singapore)
  • SQL injection and XSS failures reported and corrected by Steffen Rösemann

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Visit World War II Database – Today in History…

February 18th, 2015


History of WW2DB

My name is C. Peter Chen, I am the founder and editor of World War II Database, and I thank you for visiting this website. When this project started, it was no more than my personal notebook in which I kept notes and copies of photographs about WW2. With a relational database model, I was able to connect people, events, photographs, and other elements of history with ease, and the content of this database quickly grew. In Oct 2004, a year after I founded the consulting firm Lava Development, LLC., I began building the WW2DB as a public website for Lava to achieve two goals simultaneously: To share my notes with fellow military history enthusiasts and to showcase the technical capabilities of my consulting firm. From this initiative born the foundations of the website that eventually opened to the public on 28 Dec 2004.

It has only been several years since the site had been in existence, and the content is still far from complete. I continue to add notes to this website on a regular basis, hoping that visitors will find the information useful and interesting. At the same time, with WW2DB being the showcase of Lava Development, LLC., the website continues to receive regular technical enhancements so that the presentation of the historical information is always being enhanced. Although I am proud of this continuously growing site, I do not recommend this site to be used for academic research; the historical information of this site remains no more than the the work of a hobbyist not reviewed by any subject matter expert. I urge you to periodically review the Terms of Use for this website for important details.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me

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