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2015 CAF AZ Wing Museum posted in Photo gallery and Lr gallery

July 17th, 2015

Visited this small CAF museum in Mesa, AZ on July 3rd 2015.  I posted pictures of our visit.  The restoration area was small but quite busy.  All of this was shot with my wife’s point-and-shoot FujiFilm camera.  B-17 “Sentimental Journey” was not there which is the reason we went.

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July 17th, 2015

The position of the global digital community is: Adobe Flash is dead due to all the security flaws found in this plugin.  I have started upgrading the old Adobe Flash Web galleries (pre Lightroom 6) on the site to TTG (The Turning Gate CE4 Page template).  TTG substitutes html for Flash (files are created in .php).  With the advent of Lightroom 6 (Lr6) new features, I am re-evaluating and re-editing past slides (time consuming).

The TTG visual slide presentations in Lr Gallery will be vastly different than the original Adobe flash shows.  Most notability, TTG will only display 50 slides at a time for the desktop slide show.  After 50 you must hit “Next” to go to next page and hit the play arrow (top right).  I am told a fix is coming to allow full slide show playing.  The mobile version of TTG is unaffected but does not offer auto slideshow presentation (you must click the right and left arrows on the slide to advance forward or backward (annoying).  You can watch the same slide shows with full play/replay/pause by going to the “Photo Gallery” Tab.

The only item on this site that remains “Flash” is the header of every page (excluding piwigo library).  A fix to remove this flash is coming as well.

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