Visit, On-Line, Aviation Museums within the USA

January 21st, 2015
by tmszewczuk

B25 Tokyo

Aviation Museums within the USA (alphabetical order)

The listings are in alphabetical order but if you want to search by state or by city then I suggest that you use a word search (CTRL-F) will bring up the proper window — a two letter post office abbreviation is used for the state in the address. There are quite a few military bases that have excellent aviation displays but require either a military ID or an escort to see them, so these have not been addressed in this particular list.

May 2014: the USA is a large country with much in the way of aviation history — 200+ museums with three newly opened museums this year. Yet, the states of  West Virginia and Mississippi each lack even a single dedicated aviation museum, though each has a museum in part dedicated to aviation.

Museums that are on ships or where ships are present are listed in this color (5 aircraft carriers and 2 battleships).

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